John White has been tapped to lead the Recovery School District.   Honestly I don’t have much to say about Mr. White as the choice to lead the the Recovery School District (RSD).   As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t matter much who the new Superintendent is,  as it matters what is the agenda is for schools in New Orleans.   Recently, State Superintendent Paul  Pastorek held several small group meetings with people throughout New Orleans to get their input into his vision/ agenda for  the RSD.   I attended one of these meetings last week along with a couple of parents.   I told Mr. Pastorek that I didn’t believe the RSD needed to continue as a direct operator of schools and that several schools should come under direct control of our locally elected school board.   of course Mr. Pastorek disagreed with me.   It is my opinion that the RSD has been a complete failure and should not continue.   If I don’t believe the RSD should continue,  why should we get a new Superintendent?  The state operated the RSD just fine before it got into directly operating schools after Hurricane Katrina.  The schools operated by the RSD have been the lowest performing schools in the city.   We need to push for the end of the RSD and not get distracted by Pastork’s choice  lead the RSD.  No matter the person, it is the agenda for the RSD that will lead our kids on a Race to Nowhere.

I’m off to Baton Rouge right now where the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will vote to approve Pastorek’s choice so I will post more later, but check out what Parents Across America has written about John White.

Also, join us Tuesday for the local screening of Race to Nowhere.  After the screening, there will be a discussion about creating emotionally intelligent, psychologically intelligent schools.